Camera Operator/ DOP

About us

I enjoy being involved in the creative process  through lighting, camera movement, the choice of lenses and creating a specific look for the project. All these aspects allow me to assist the Director in expressing his/her vision and telling the story through the unspoken language of filmmaking. 

My journey in the Film industry started in 2007 as a production assistant on a television drama series. I then worked as a chaperone on a couple of projects and also briefly as a 2nd AD. I learnt a lot during that time and developed a love for the film and television environment. In 2008 I landed a job as a PA on a Magazine Show, and that’s where I picked up the camera for the first time. I shot cutaways for the editor when they needed extra B roll footage and I enjoyed the job immensely. I decided to pursue a career in the camera department from that moment on.


Since then I have worked across many formats including drama’s, documentaries, reality, lifestyle, films, corporate videos and commercials. In February my family and I moved to the UK and I am looking to expand my contacts and gain more experience in the industry here.

Today, I’m still learning about the world of filmmaking, and will continue to do so because there are many aspects to cinematography and lighting, and the technology keeps changing. There are constantly new and different techniques and methods being used. It makes filmmaking exciting!